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AUDITIONS will be held during the first class on September 19.  

Classes held at Outta Theatre Studio in Grove City.  

Schedule & Fees

  • Wednesdays 4:00-6:00 PM  
  • September 19-December 8
  • Extended class time Dec. 5 
  • PERFORMANCE: December 7 & 8
  • Additional Rehearsals scheduled for tech/dress
  • Registration fee $15
  • Flat monthly fee $35 

     DEADLINE: September 16

What makes Outta Theatre classes different? 

1.       Practical training combined with performance experience in a safe, creative, family friendly learning environment.   Instead of just learning technique in a standard class setting or auditioning to be on stage for a  specific production, the Outta Theatre experience combines the benefits of both worlds. 

2.       Customized productions.   

3.       Everyone gets a part, guaranteed.   Every student will enjoy the opportunity to develop their skills and confidence in the spotlight, and experience the energy of a live audience.  

4.       Performance diversity: Variety shows (short scenes, monologues, musical acts, improvisation, physical theatre, and more), Plays (comedy or drama), Mimeodrama (Physical theatre with spoken dialogue), radio shows, and more.  

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