Physical Theatre Class (Ages 10-18)

This class is not currently being offered. 

Contact us if you are interested.  

Physical Theatre Classes   (Ages 10 & up)

Students will explore the endless possibilities of creative movement through improvisational exercises, games, and mime technique.   They will learn how to clearly communicate emotions, environments, and stories to an audience without using words. Summer students will prepare a short program to perform as opportunies arise.  Last year students performed at the YMCA summer day care and the Grove Fest. 

  • Physicalization of characters
  • Muscle/body isolations (single, double, triple design)
  • Rhythms & Punctuations (including robot, seed exercises) 
  • Stock Characters 
  • Illusions & Street Mime (wall, balloon, rope, etc.)
  • Object Identification
  • Hand Positions
  • Single & Group Statue Technique
  • Marceauian Attitudes 
  • Facial Expressions
  • Comedy vs Tragedy

For classes focused on developing performance pieces:

1. Develop original choreography to perform at community events, churches, & more (non white-face performance)

2. Learn street mime to perform in white face at outdoor community events (if applicable)

3. Create shows that combine different theatrical elements for an exceptional, fun performance the whole community can enjoy (Here we will experiment and incorporate   troupe member's other talents such as dance, music, acrobatics, acting, etc.)  

4. Additional rehearsals closer to performance times may be scheduled based on student availability.  

5. Members must be willing to perform some pieces that promote/celebrate/reflect Christianity. For example, we may perform Christmas and Easter themed pieces for churches during those holidays.