By Lewis carroll, Adapted by tim kelly

                                    By Lewis carroll, Adapted by tim kelly

Auditions January 24-25

Grades 2-12

Links to ALL INFORMATION such as class fees, policy, audition instructions provided on sign-up form

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  • February 1-April 29, cast party during class time first week of May 
  • Performance April 28-29 (pending venue confirmation)
  • Mostly 1 rehearsal per week
  • A few extra rehearsals for transitions/dress rehearsal (extended Thursdays or Saturday mornings)
  • Grades 2-6 will be cast in scenes that will mostly rehearse Wednesdays 4-6 PM (or possibly 3:30-5:30 PM)
  • Grades 7-12 (and 6th graders with more experience) will be cast in scenes that will rehearse Thursdays 4-6 PM
  •  Two actors may split the role of Alice, with some of the rehearsals on Wednesdays and some on Thursdays.
  •  Based on student availability, there may be some cross over rehearsals and some slight time adjustments
  • Students will be encouraged to help with creating of props/sets, which may be scheduled outside of regular rehearsal time.
  • All students who audition will receive a part

What makes Outta Theatre classes different?

1.       Practical training combined with performance experience in a safe, creative, family friendly learning environment.   Instead of just learning technique in a standard class setting or auditioning to be on stage for aspecific production, the Outta Theatre experience combines the benefits of both worlds. 

2.       Customized productions.   

3.       Everyone gets a part, guaranteed.  Every student will enjoy the opportunity to develop their skills and confidence in the spotlight, and experience the energy of a live audience.  

4.       Performance diversity: Variety shows (short scenes, monologues, musical acts, improvisation, physical theatre, and more), Plays (comedy or drama), Mimeodrama (Physical theatre with spoken dialogue), radio shows, and more.

5. Leadership opportunities.  Students showing interest and talent in leadership areas may be given opportunities to assistant teach, assistant direct, lead backstage crews, and/or work as stage manager.