Outta Theatre

Studio is located at 109 Blair St. in Grove City, PA. Blair St. is the road just before the railroad tracks when going down Broad Street.   Turn left and park in the lot there.  The studio is on the second floor above Saxony House Furniture.  

Performances held in various locations in the area.

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  • All or part of the studio may be rented for classes, recitals, meetings, small receptions, events, etc.  
  • Cost is $15 for one hour, $30 for 2-3 hours, $50 per day(varies based on frequency or type of event or how much studio space is rented) 
  • Equipment available: 40 chairs, 3 tables, pedestals, a couple of easels, small kitchenette with sink and microwave, 2 basic 66 key keyboards, digital piano (may only be moved by the studio), digital projector to watch movies on the wall (movie theatre feel) - must provide your own computer/DVD player/etc. to hook up to it.  
  • Equipment set up and tear down fee of $15 or you may set up chairs and such on your own.  
  • All parties will be expected to clean up afterward (vacuum, wipe down tables, throw all trash away and take garbage bags with you)
  • 2 closed off classroom spaces, one larger open space (seats about 40 people with room for performance space) with one wall covered with 11 feet of mirror covered by curtains, smaller open space used as parent waiting area, one restroom, and private office with the kitchenette 
  • Adjacent to public parking lot for easy access
  • Note: This space is not handicap accessible.  It is on the second floor with no elevator.  
  • All inquiries should use contact button above